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Proven Energy Saving Tips For Manufacturing Sector

Discovering new methods to reduce energy use in a manufacturing facility may save an organisation thousands of dollars. Imagine how different the next year's annual report would seem if you were able to significantly reduce the amount that your facility spends on operational expenditures

Will Energy Prices Go Down?

Although we're all seeing the consequences of increasing energy costs at home and at work, it's a worldwide problem that has been driven by some unexpected and far-reaching factors. The question that often crosses our minds is, will energy prices go down?

Why Are Energy Prices Going Up?

Are you wondering why are energy prices going up? Increasing demand, restricted supply, a lack of storage capacity, and the situation in Ukraine have resulted in skyrocketing energy costs. Therefore, we are seeing this spike in bills for homes and companies in the UK.

Rough Gas Storage Closure

Centrica Finally Gets Green Signal to Reopen Rough Gas Storage Facility 

Centrica, the UK’s largest gas and electricity supplier, finally has the green light to reopen its Rough gas storage facility. The decision comes after a six-year closure and gives the company a much-needed boost as it looks to secure its position in the UK’s energy market.


How Do Gasometers Work?

Have you ever seen a strange-looking, metal tower near a freeway or in a city? If so, you've spotted a gasometer! These structures have been around for over 100 years. They help to measure the amount of natural gas in a pipeline. But how do they work? Let's take a closer look!

Why Is Wind Energy Unreliable?

The reliability of wind energy has been under debate for years. While some people believe that it is a reliable and sustainable form of energy, others argue that it is not as reliable as proponents claim. 

Smart Meters Pros and Cons

Smart meters are electronic devices that measure and record energy use in real-time. They have been gaining in popularity as a way to help people conserve energy and save money. 

Electric Sub Meter for Tenants in UK

If you're a UK business owner with tenants, you may be interested in an electric sub-meter. This is a meter that measures the amount of electricity used by each tenant rather than by the entire building.

Government Renewable Heat Incentive

The Government Renewable Heat Incentive in the UK provides a financial incentive for homeowners. It encourages them to switch from traditional heating methods to renewable heating methods.

Targeted Charging Review

All consumer bills will impact in some way by the Targeted Charging Review (TCR). Ofgem has reached a conclusion on the Transmission Charge Review (TCR). 

It will result in modifications to the billing structure for both the Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) and the Distribution Use of System (DUoS).

Is Scottish Gas the Same as British Gas

British Gas is a company that operates in the United Kingdom and is owned by British citizens. It is still the largest energy business in the UK and is projected to provide service to close to twelve million residential properties.

List of Business Electricity Suppliers UK

Choosing the right business electricity supplier is a crucial decision that can impact your company's financial stability and environmental sustainability. With so many suppliers and tariffs available, it can be a daunting task to find the best option for your business.