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We compare trusted UK energy suppliers.

Business Electricity

Business Electricity

We will help you to find the best business electricity deals.

Business  Gas

Business Gas

Let our experts find the best gas deals for your business.

Business Telecoms

Business Telecoms

Trust Utility4 Business to provide you with the fastest telecommunication deals.

Business Water

Business Water

We will help you to find the cheapest and most beneficial business water deals.

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Join Hands With Utility4 Business for Best Energy Deals

At Utility4 Business, we understand that businesses have enough on their plate without having to worry about energy bills. That’s why we offer a free, impartial comparison service that helps businesses save time and money on their energy bills. We work with all the leading energy suppliers in the UK, so we can find the best deal for your business.

  • Enquire about the latest business energy deals
  • Utility4 Business will help you find the right deals for electricity, water, gas and telecom.
  • Just sit and relax. We will handle all the paperwork and switching.

Find the Best Deals

Save Utility Cost

Increase Revenue

Comparing and switching your current business energy suppliers will help you to save on utility costs and invest in your core activities. It will result in increased revenue.

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Serve to Environment

Eco-Friendly Solution

Serving your environment is your duty. Join hands with Utility4Business to get eco-friendly business energy solutions. Now is the time to switch your business energy suppliers.

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Cost-effective Solution

No More Costly Utilities

Tired of all those costly utility bills? No need to worry anymore! Utility4Business offers you to compare your business energy suppliers and get cost-effective deals for your business.

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Professional Management

Better Documentation

If you are worried about the lengthy process of switching business utility suppliers, then leave it to our experts. We will provide you with proper documentation of each step.

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Compare your business utilities

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Free Consultation

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Utility4Business - Leading Utility Consultants UK For Commercial Utility Switching!

We've partnered with the most prominent energy providers in the UK to provide you with the best business utilities! U4B provides a thorough service for evaluating company energy costs, including both gas and electricity. 

We collaborate with the industry's leading utility energy provider to provide you with the most competitive real-time prices.It is our intention to make the process of switching commercial utilities provider as simple and affordable as possible. Our staff is committed to providing outstanding support to our customers and operating with absolute integrity at all times.

Business Power Generation and Distribution

What we do is assist companies in reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. By just switching providers, thousands of companies have saved tens of millions of dollars.

U4B has assisted thousands of commercial customers in saving millions of dollars on their electricity costs. If your company makes use of our utility switching service, it might soon join that list.

We will research and compare all of your options so that you may save money and time on your utility, water, phone, and internet services. Do you want to know the greatest part? The time commitment is minimal.No other utility consultants UK offer the kind of services that you will get at Utility4Business. So, don’t wait any longer. Contact us right now.

Why Choose U4B for Your Commercial Energy Needs

A call that simply takes five minutes may save you hundreds of dollars. Think it will take too much time and effort to change your company's utility providers? You may want to reconsider. There has never been an easier time than now to switch business utilities and electricity providers. In order to save time and money, our firm has developed a simple solution where business owners can easily compare utility bills in one location.

We offer the tools to help you choose the ideal contract for your energy needs, whether you're trying to save money on electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, or the internet.

We know you have options, so why pick us? 

At Utility4 Business, we guarantee that any company we work with gets 5-star treatment and service at every turn. We understand that no two companies are similar, which is why our utility specialists are here to assist you and tailor our services to meet your unique needs. 

Every kind and size of business in the United Kingdom may benefit from our utility energy provider comparison. This is because we have a proven track record of reducing utility costs.

Find the Best Energy Provider by Comparing Rates from Multiple Suppliers

Business owners may quickly and easily compare hundreds of energy rates using Utility4Business’ utility comparison service. Using a proprietary algorithm, our web-based comparison tool compiles a summary of the best offers currently available.


If your company is going to expand, you need an electricity provider that can keep up. At Utility4Business, we can assist you in switching to a more suitable energy supplier. The business utilities we suggest are the ones that provide the most advantageous energy contract to match your company's needs.


Your company is probably losing money since you have been paying the same gas rate for years. You may be saving a lot of money by switching your business's gas provider right now. If you do that, you can cut your annual costs by as much as 45 percent.

Utility consultants UK such as U4B can help you come up with the best providers in town!


Do you want to reduce your water and sewer costs by 20 to 30% annually? There should be a change in water providers. The liberalization of the retail water market in the UK has made switching easier than ever before. 


To locate the best UK business telecom packages, U4B has teamed up with different companies. We will assist you in selecting the most advantageous offer for your company, whether you are looking for VoIP services, fiber internet, or telephone systems.


Afraid of waiting for web pages to load? Say farewell to slow connections and welcome to ultra-fast ones! We will find the most affordable broadband plan available for your company in your area.

You should get the finest discounts from the top vendors. Our business utility services are all carefully vetted to guarantee they provide excellent service.

What Factors Should Be Taken Into Account When Selecting a New Commercial Energy Supplier?

To put it another way: money isn't everything. There are a number of criteria we use to compile a list of utility providers for commercial establishments.

The primary motivation for many commercial customers to change their electricity suppliers is cost savings. You might be spending more than necessary for something and not even realize it. When assessing competing offers from different utilities provider, we'll be sure that each one provides equivalent value in terms of the services included.


We also investigate each vendor's web services. Does the company permit payment through the internet? Are electronic statements available to customers? Is there a smartphone app available? 

The time we take to respond to your inquiries is invested in providing you with the highest level of comfort possible.

Support for Customers

When deciding between business utilities, our commercial utility switching service takes customer support quality into account. By doing so, we can ensure that our customers will get timely responses to any inquiries they may have. 

Our staff carefully examines both internal and external sources, including the website and consumer ratings and reviews.

Sustainable Technologies

We will investigate renewable energy options for your company if it is part of your plan to reduce your carbon footprint. Renewable energy sources are many and varied, such as the sun, the wind, water, and biogas. 

Considering the predicted growth of green energy in the next years, it might be beneficial to look into green energy plans.

How to Make a Switch for Your Business Utility Services?

Changing your utilities provider is super simple with our three-step process. Our mission at U4B is to make it easy for commercial property owners to get the best utility rates. You may avoid protracted phone conversations, aggressive salesmen, and other hassles by making the transition to us. 

We have the best utility consultants UK team! As a result, you'll have more spare time to concentrate on other areas of running your company. 

Comparison of utility rates

Our sophisticated technology will analyze your company's data and compare it to applicable pricing structures. In only minutes, you will get competitive bids from the best utility companies in the United Kingdom.


You should spend as much time as you need doing research. If you need any more assistance determining which offer is ideal for your company, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Toggle and Conserve

After settling on a rate, you may relax and let us handle the details. We'll help you make the transition and handle the negotiations. It really is as simple as we claimed it is!

Advantages of Having the Best Business Utility Services

Use an Expert Advisor to help you compare utility bundle deals from several suppliers and save hundreds of dollars a year.

Cut Down on Wasted Minutes

To free up your time for company expansion, let our Expert Advisors get competitive quotes from many utility service providers on your behalf.

Efforts to Improve Energy Efficiency

You may save even more money in the long term by improving your company's energy efficiency, which is another benefit of switching to a more cost-effective utility supplier.

Changing Your Energy Provider Has Never Been Simpler

It's only normal for a company owner to want to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. Because of the perceived hassle, disruption, and time commitment involved, several businesses avoid switching utilities provider. 

If your company uses a lot of energy, switching energy providers might save you a ton of money. Any company may use U4B’s services to transfer energy providers swiftly and simply. The process of obtaining a free quotation and comparing utility costs for your company now takes as little as 5 minutes thanks to our simplified service.

Quickly Change Your Business Utilities Provider

With the help of our business utility services and our straightforward switching procedure, you can quickly and simply transfer providers without sacrificing any of your valuable time. 

Our team at Utility4Business appreciates the hectic schedules and lives of today's company owners. We have the resources to assist businesses of all sizes in finding competitive pricing for their utility needs.

You may reach us via phone, online chat, or email, and we'll respond as quickly as we can. To help your company save as much money as possible on its electricity bills. Moreover, we will keep you updated every step of the journey, all the way up until your new contract goes into effect.



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