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Is Scottish Gas the Same as British Gas

British Gas is a company that operates in the United Kingdom and is owned by British citizens. It is still the largest energy business in the UK and is projected to provide service to close to twelve million residential properties.

The business is a subsidiary of Centrica, a global energy and services corporation, which also owns utility providers in the Republic of Ireland and in North America. The company's name comes from the combination of the words "Centrica" and "services." 

When Robin Hood Energy, People's Energy, and a number of other smaller enterprises ceased operations, it acquired its client bases and continued serving them. In Scotland, the company goes by the name Scottish Gas, and its slogan boasts that it will "deliver Britain the smooth-running homes of today and tomorrow." It is also a retailer of boilers, smart home goods under the Hive brand name, and home care insurance, in addition to selling gas and electricity.

British Gas or Scottish Gas Review

British Gas has a number of different prices, one of which is called the "green future" pricing. This tariff pairs the amount of power you consume with renewable sources from the UK, such as wind and solar. Customers who are enrolled in a fixed rate tariff may be requested to pay an exit charge' if they choose to terminate their contract before its stated expiration date.

The British Gas Rewards programme provides clients with personalised incentives, some examples of which include Wilbur the Penguin toys, films on Sky, days out at UK attractions, tickets to live concerts at The O2, days out at UK attractions, and savings on restaurant meals and days out.

The British Gas app is available for download on mobile devices running iOS and Android. You only need to make a few clicks on the app's screen in order to pay bills and report metre readings. Customers using smart metres are able to monitor their energy use and create budgets for themselves.

Assistance For Customers of British Gas

Since British Gas's customer service only received two dismal ratings out of five, it should come as no surprise that we heard from a lot of dissatisfied consumers. However, the supplier was not the only one to get two stars for customer service in our study; EDF Energy, Shell Energy, and SSE also received the same rating.

One of the customers that use British Gas provided us with the following feedback: "Trying to get customer support to accomplish things may be quite sluggish." You will be given everything, but it will almost never take place immediately after being promised it. Another one of the company's clients provided the following feedback: "[I've dealt with] terrible customer service and very long wait times on the phone."

However, a few consumers have expressed satisfaction with the level of service that British Gas provides. According to the comments of one of the respondents, "They provide wonderful customer service, and I've never had any problems with them."

However, over two-thirds of British Gas consumers overall (65%) said they were happy with the company, and 57% of those customers thought the company provided excellent customer service.

Accuracy and Readability of the British Gas Bill

In terms of both the accuracy of their bills and the clarity of their explanations, British Gas finished with a grade of three stars in each category. Some clients lauded the precise nature of the billing system, while others sought to voice their dissatisfaction with the company in some way.

One person who participated in the poll shared their feedback with us, stating, "British Gas always provides correct estimates on how much you have to pay." They are unquestionably on the side of the client. Someone said, "My bills are straightforward and accurate."

Another one of the company's clients, on the other hand, provided the following feedback: "Overall, I'm pleased with the service; but, sometimes the statements may be puzzling, and there is no accompanying letter explaining why you have suddenly gotten 15 pages of adjustments." 

In addition, we heard from a consumer who said that their invoices were "difficult to interpret."Only one of the energy providers in our study received four out of five possible ratings for accurate billing. On the other end of the chart, we found Scottish Power and SSE with an unimpressive rating of two stars for the accuracy of their bills.

Cost-Effectiveness of British Gas

In the most recent study, British Gas only received two out of five possible stars for value for the money. Because of this, it is located in the lower part of our table of values, with companies such as EDF Energy, E.ON, Scottish Power, and SSE.

Only one company, E.ON Next, received a score of one star for value for money. Unfortunately, it also received the lowest score for customer satisfaction. During our survey, we found that our customers were eager to share their problems. According to the feedback of one client of British Gas, "their customer service is atrocious," and "their goods are pricey and give poor value for the money."

Complaints Frequently Heard About British Gas

In the year leading up to October 2021, just 15% of customers indicated that they had a valid cause to complain about British Gas. The vast majority of the complaints we received from British Gas consumers were about the unsatisfactory level of customer service or the inadequate value for their money.

Additionally, we came across several occasions in which the company was referred to as being "slow." One of our customers shared with us, "I have been moved to British Gas from a provider that has now gone out of business. Nonetheless, they have been quite delayed in informing me of what is going on." Someone else provided the same feedback: "At times, they may be sluggish to assist."

Is it possible to switch to British Gas if you already have a prepayment metre?

Yes. Pay-as-you-go clients of British Gas may reload their accounts at any Post Office or Payzone location. You'll need to top up by at least five pounds, and you'll constantly need to round up to the next pound, according to a statement that can be seen on the website of company.

Installing sophisticated prepayment metres is what this entails. Customers that have access may top up their accounts by utilising the website, app, or an automated payment phone line provided by British Gas. In the event that you run out of energy but are unable to top up your account, British Gas provides a credit of £5 as an emergency measure. 

If you run out of credit between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 a.m., on a Sunday or bank holiday, an automatic activation of friendly emergency credit will take place. You may also activate emergency credit at other times by using your smart metre, the display within your house, or by using your key or card with a standard metre.


Any energy that you consume will be recorded as a debt on your metre, and you will be responsible for paying it back the next time that you top up your supply.

Does British Gas provide sales of other forms of energy?

The renewable power that British Gas offers comes from a combination of three sources: the company produces some of it on its own, purchases some of it directly from generators, and purchases certificates to cover the balance of its customers' use.


Overall, 75% of British Gas' power comes from renewable sources, while the remaining 25% comes from nuclear facilities (through the company's participation in EDF Energy's nuclear reactors).

Each year, it creates around 4,000 megawatts (MW) of renewable electricity, the majority of which comes from wind energy (50%) and biomass/biogas (46%), with a minor proportion coming from solar energy (4%). It has onshore wind generating in Scotland, in addition to offshore wind production in the North Sea.

his accounts for 14.6% of the energy consumption of British Gas's residential customers, and the company has agreements in place to directly purchase another 15% of that amount from generators. 

However, this does not match the use of every customer since approximately two-thirds of the company's energy comes from renewable sources that are produced outside the UK and in Europe via the use of Guarantees of Origin (GoOs).

Customers of British Gas who purchase the Green Future Tariff will have their power use matched with the production of electricity from renewable sources located in the UK.

The Recent News About British Gas

Year 2022

In February, British Gas launched a programme with the intention of protecting the £294 million that it had accumulated as credit balances via direct debits from the accounts of its consumers. The money will be kept in a bank account that is distinct from the monies that are used on a regular basis by the firm to perform its operations.

In the month of April, YourMoney.com demanded an apology from the energy provider after former customers of People's Energy and Neon Reef who have moved through the Supplier of Last Resort process stated that they received misleading emails about the price they would pay for their energy use.

These customers had previously purchased their energy from People's Energy and Neon Reef. YourMoney.com has sent information to Ofgem and the Energy Ombudsman, requesting that they conduct an investigation into the matter as quickly as possible.

Year 2021

December saw the announcement made by the provider that its more recent brand, British Gas Evolve, will soon be known simply as British Gas.As a result of the smaller companies ceasing operations in November, clients of Bluegreen Energy, Neon Reef, Social Energy, and Zebra Power were transferred to British Gas as their new energy provider.

Customers of MoneyPlus Energy, People's Energy, and PFP Energy were transferred over to British Gas in the month of September when the three smaller energy providers ceased operations. Approximately 441,000 consumers made the switch to British Gas overall.After purchasing the smaller brand, Nabuh Energy, which has 36,000 subscribers, British Gas will begin serving those clients with gas and electricity in the month of April.

After overcharging 141,415 of its customers between 2013 and 2020 when they moved suppliers or tariffs, British Gas is making a payment of over £1.2 million to those consumers in the month of March. 

It was one of 18 energy companies that regulator Ofgem determined to have violated these standards, and this company was one of them. There were more than one million impacted clients. Customers who were negatively impacted will each get an average of £8.97 in compensation and reimbursement from the company.

Year 2020

British Gas announced in September that it has bought Robin Hood Energy together with all of the other energy firms on Robin Hood Energy's network, including Ebico.In August, the energy regulator Ofgem revealed that British Gas had paid out a total of £1.48 million to around 270,000 prepayment customers as a result of the company's failure to inform those consumers when it changed their top-up supplier on January 1, 2020. Since this, it is possible that some customers did not have access to power or gas supplies during the cold weather, and they were unable to contact British Gas on January 1 because the company's general inquiries line was down.

Take Away

In general, British Gas is a good energy company that offers reasonable pricing and provides outstanding service to its customers. Because of the company's commitment to environmental responsibility and the renewable energy projects it has undertaken, it is now widely regarded as one of the most reliable service providers in the UK. 

It is highly recommended that consumers give British Gas some thought if they are searching for a reliable provider that provides excellent value for the money. 

Because of their dedication to lowering emissions and supplying their consumers with high-quality goods and services, it is almost certain that they will continue to be at the forefront of the industry for many years to come.