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Can I Switch Energy Suppliers for a Better Deal in the UK? How?

Changing your energy provider might help you save money on your monthly bills for gas and electricity. What exactly are you looking forward to? To switch to the best gas and electricity suppliers UK just follow our detailed step-by-step tutorial.

You should not spend more on gas and electricity than is absolutely necessary. Make a confident transfer to a new energy provider by following the recommendations of our industry professionals, and choose a package that meets all of your needs.

Even while you won't be able to cut as much of a dent in your monthly energy costs right now, it's still important to monitor how your tariff stacks up against others. Hintt Utilities will still allow you to investigate the many options that are available to you in the local energy market in your region.

The requirements for changing your energy provider

When you are seeking an estimate for a new gas and electricity tariff, the accuracy of the quote will be directly proportional to the amount of comprehensive information that you are able to offer. Ensure that you have the following information on hand at all times when switching to the best business gas and electricity suppliers

Your complete address

If you provide your complete address, you can ensure that the price estimates you get are accurate for your property since prices vary from region to region and some energy bargains are only accessible in particular geographic locations.

Your current gas and electricity supplier's company name and their rate

You will be required to give them in order for any estimations of savings to be derived from the offer that you are now participating in. If you do not mention the name of your current tariff, a website that compares prices may often presume that you are on the default or out-of-contract rate offered by your provider.

Because this may be more costly than the package you already have, you run the risk of obtaining an exaggerated estimate of your savings.

If you are unable to provide the name of your current energy provider, the default supplier for your region may be the firm that has traditionally served it.

As is the case with making assumptions about your rate, there is a possibility that this will give the impression that your savings are greater than they really are. Check your most recent energy statement, have a look at your online account, or get in touch with your provider to see what the name of your energy tariff is.

How much natural gas and electrical power do you consume?

If you want an exact estimate of how much it would cost you for gas and electricity, you will need to provide your energy use for the previous year, which is often measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

You should be able to find out how much you've used over the previous month from either your most recent bill or your online account. Look for a statement or summary of your yearly energy consumption to find out how much energy you used.

You may make an educated guess in place of calculating the exact amount of energy that you will use if, for example, you have just moved into a new house.

Price comparison websites, energy companies, and auto-switching services will often ask a few questions in order to estimate what you use. Some examples of these inquiries include the following:

  • The total amount of individuals that call your house their home
  • The kind of real estate it is
  • The total number of available bedrooms

However, keep in mind that calculating your payments in this manner will result in less accuracy compared to utilising your real energy use as the basis for the calculation.  Therefore, once a few months have passed after you signed the contract, your payments may be adjusted to reflect the amount of gas and electricity that you have really used in reality.

Your payment information

Your bank information will need to be provided in advance if you want to make a payment by direct debit. There are situations when the information of a credit card is permitted. You can find out the best business energy suppliers UK at reasonable rates!

Make a comparison of the pricing of gas and electricity

Now that you have all of this information at your disposal, you can begin comparing the costs of various forms of energy.  Websites that compare prices will provide a variety of different bargains so that you may evaluate their relative prices. Hintt Utilities is one of these options since it is free and impartial.

It displays all available energy bargains on the market, regardless of whether it can switch you to those deals or not so that you can determine whether or not the deal you choose is indeed the most cost-effective option.

There are certain websites that compare prices that also provide a phone switching service. Comparing energy providers and their pricing may also be done by getting in touch with the energy company directly.

Think about the fact that the energy provider will only be able to inform you about its own offers, and it won't be able to switch you to plans that are exclusive arrangements with third parties unless you move to one of its own deals first (such as price comparison websites).

The websites like Hintt Utilities help you find the cheapest gas supplier and electricity provider in your area.


Auto-switching services are some of the more recent entrants in the market, and there is increasing competition among them. They function similarly to websites that compare costs by taking into account your preferences before making recommendations.

However, they will do the job for you, transferring you (with your agreement) to what they have determined to be the best bargain for you, and then continuously reviewing pricing to ensure that you remain on the best deal.

Some companies won't let you move to other providers if they believe that the quality of service they provide is subpar. There are many different sorts of tariffs to choose from, regardless of the method that you use to switch, and your decision should be based on what is most essential to you.

Compare gas price at Hintt Utilities and select the best tariff. The following are some of the most widespread ones:

Fixed Tariff

The price that you pay per unit of gas or electricity is set at a fixed rate for the duration of your contract, which is often between one and two years.

Variable Tariff

When you have a variable tariff, the amount that you pay for each unit of gas and electricity will fluctuate depending on whether or not the rates that your energy provider charges are higher or lower.

When it does this to you, however, it is required to provide you a warning period of thirty days in advance.

Dual Fuel Rate

Dual-fuel rate is a tariff that includes both gas and electricity, and it is convenient for customers who wish to purchase both fuels from the same provider.

Paperless Tariff

Paperless tariff is synonymous with online-only tariff. You will not get paper bills in the mail, and you will be required to handle at least some aspects of your account online. There are some vendors that sell them at a lower price, but not all of them do.

Time of Use Tariff

Time-of-use tariffs are those that charge customers varying prices for energy at various times of the day or on different days of the week. Economy 7 and 10 tariffs are examples that have been around for a long time.

What to look out for when switching energy providers and plans

After you have decided on your energy provider and rate, you should double-check the following in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises in the future:

Is there an exit fee for your tariff?

If you wish to quit before the end of your contract, some companies charge as much as £50 per fuel as an early termination fee. Only fixed plans are subject to termination costs, and they cannot be assessed during the last 49 days of your tariff. When you compare electricity prices, make sure you consider the exit fee as well.

How much will your new purchase set you back every single month?

Check to see how this compares with the offer you already have so there are no unpleasant shocks to your financial account.

Is your direct debit fixed or variable?

The purpose of having fixed direct debit payments is to maintain a consistent monthly cost for your energy use throughout the year. There are certain businesses that have fluctuating set payouts depending on the season.

Direct debit payments that are variable will alter on a monthly basis to reflect what you actually spend.

How do you want your invoices sent to you?

If you won't be receiving them via the mail, it's important to remember to check your online account or your email.

Does your plan call for the installation of a smart metre?

Certain rates are restricted to clients who already own smart metres or who consent to have one installed in their homes.

Is there a payment required upfront?

Before beginning to provide your home with gas and electricity, many tariffs demand a payment equal to one month's service (or even two months' service in the case of one supplier). Some prepayment transactions need a security deposit.

Both of these things have the potential to make the initial expenses of moving far greater than anticipated. Business gas and electricity prices hike up when you add up all expenses.

How much time does it take to change an individual's energy provider?

According to the organisation that regulates the energy industry, switching to a new energy provider may take up to 21 days, although it normally only takes 17 days. That does not take into account the cooling-off time that the provider is required to provide for a period of 14 days in case you decide to change your mind before the move is implemented.

Choose a firm that is a member of the Energy Transition Guarantee if you want to make your switch as quickly as possible. The Energy Switch Guarantee is a set of voluntary criteria that was introduced by the energy sector in 2016.

After you have made the transfer, they guarantee that you will get a final bill within four to eight weeks and that they will return any overpayment to you within two weeks.

If I have trouble making the transfer, will I be compensated for my trouble?

If you transfer energy providers and anything goes wrong during the process, you can be entitled to financial compensation. Energy companies are required to pay consumers £30 in the event that any of the following applies:

  • You are sent to a different website either without your permission or by accident.
  • The completion of your transition takes more than 15 working days (after the 14-day cooling-off period has elapsed)
  • Your new provider does not give you your final invoice within a period of six weeks after you make the transfer

After your provider has sent you the final bill, your credit balance will not be repaid during the first ten working days after this. Suppliers who are no longer in business are subject to a different set of regulations.

The reimbursement will be provided without your intervention. Nevertheless, you may need to inform your energy provider about the issue.

How to change your energy provider if you are a tenant?

Even if you rent your house, you should still be able to switch your energy provider to find a better price on your service. If you pay your energy provider directly for your gas and electricity, then you are allowed under consumer protection legislation to pick your energy supplier.

This applies to both residential and commercial customers. On the other hand, if your landlord pays the energy provider directly, they have the ability to choose the energy supplier. It's possible that you find yourself in this predicament if:

  • Your monthly rent already accounts for the cost of your utilities
  • Your landlord will make payments to your energy provider but will seek reimbursement from you. During this time between tenants, your landlord will be responsible for paying the utility costs

It should be clear from the rental agreement whether you or the landlord is responsible for paying the utility bills, such as those for gas and electricity. If your landlord pays the energy bills, you have the option of asking them to switch your energy provider. However, they are not required to do so.

Your landlord or estate agency may have established a "default" or preferred energy provider, and this information may be included in your rental agreement. You have the option of requesting that this provision of your contract be renegotiated.

As long as you pay the bills yourself, you have the legal right to move companies even if you are unable to modify the situation. However, you should notify your landlord or the rental agency, and there could be a stipulation in the lease that mandates you to do so.

When you move out, there may also be a condition indicating that you are required to hand over the account to the energy provider that was used before.

Take Away

It is quite unlikely that what you have are the best bargains available. Thus, you should compare the pricing of several energy providers to estimate the amount of money you may save. Switch energy supplier Liverpool with Hintt Utilities now!

No matter how long you plan to remain a tenant, the energy comparison website that Hintt Utilities operate is able to assist you in finding the best possible offer that fits your needs as a renter.

Choose the duration of your tenure to compare energy rates depending on how long you know you'll be in your house, taking into consideration any exit fees that may be associated with moving out of the property.

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